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Judith Kunzlé lives in San Francisco Bay Area.

She has focused for many years on the representation of movement and body language by drawing and painting. Her major subject is dance, from Polynesian dance to tango to contemporary ballet.

Judith has lived for 30 years in the South Pacific, most of it in the Cook Islands, on Rarotonga, where she studied Polynesian dance by drawing and painting, working with dancers and choreographers.

She has traveled widely in Polynesia and Melanesia to draw and experience the dance of different Pacific cultures.

From the Cook Islands she moved to the Big Island of Hawaii, to work with hula dancers. Her paintings of Hawaiian Hula has been used to promote the Merrie Monarch Festival.

Since 1999, Judith has been drawing at Alonzo King Lines Ballet in San Francisco, at the Lines studio and at stage rehearsals.

She has been drawing contemporary dance in New Zealand, hip-hop and salsa in Europe, and tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“By drawing life dancers, I pick up the gestures and movements that I can feel and relate to. Dance unites us by bridging cultural gaps and transcending traditions."

Judith works from live action and videos. Central to her technique is her long study of human anatomy and countless life drawings.

Besides her dance work, Judith enjoys painting landscapes and fruit and veggies, animals and plants.

She works with all drawing media, charcoal, pastels, ink and acrylics.

Judith Kunzlé is Swiss and her career began in Bern as a graphic artist and illustrator.

Judith Kunzlé’s works are in private collections in the USA, Canada, France, Italy, England, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Nauru, French Polynesia, The Cook Islands and China.


Judith Kunzlé is represented by:

- Robyn Buntin's Oceania Gallery, Honolulu

- Moana Gems Gallery Rarotonga, Cook Islands

- Koru Gallery and Café, Aitutaki, Cook Islands


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