Fruit and Veggies

Original Watercolors and Prints



Red Cabbage

Red Onion

Field Mushrooms




Red Capsicum, Kumara  Carambola and Passionfruit, Print 55

Red Capsicum, Kumara,
Carambola and Passionfruit

Avocado, Kumara, Papaya, Carambola and Passionfruit, Print 54

Avocado, Kumara, Papaya,
Carambola and Passionfruit

Blue Bowl with Fruit and Veggies, Print 51

Blue Bowl

Watercolour: Colander with Tropical Fruit


Two coconuts, Print 50


Kumara, Print 52

Kumara (Sweet Potatoes)

Bananas, Print 53


Watercolour: Banana "flower"

Banana "Flower"

Watercolour: Two Mangoes

Three Mangoes

Watercolour: Basin with Avocado

Red Basin (Avocado Season)

Watercolour: Bunch of bananas

Bunch of Bananas

Rarotonga Composition with Avocado and Bananas, Print 12

South Pacific Composition with
Avocado and Bananas

Rarotonga Composition with Carambola and Papaya, Print 13

South Pacific Composition with
Papaya and Carambola