Cook Islands Animals and Plants

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Tavake, Red-tailed Tropicbird

Red-tailed Tropicbird on Motu Maina,

Cook Islands Fishes, Print 90

Cook Islands Fishes

Print is hand-singed and labeled
with fish names

Five Kura (Rimatara Lorikeets), Print 26

Five Kura (Rimatara Lorikeets)

The Kura, or Rimatara Lorikeets are native in the Southern Cook Islands,
but had been hunted to extinction 200 years ago, because of their beautiful
red feathers.

Fortunately they are not hunted anymore today and in 2007, a project by
the Cook Islands Natural Heritage Trust reintroduced 27 birds from
Rimatara, an island in French Polynesia to Atiu.

These stunning Loris have flourished on Atiu and multiplied and can easily
be seen in the villages and on plantations.


Red Hermit Crab, Print 27

Red Hermit Crab

Young Green Turtle, Print 26

Young Green Turtle

Triton Shell, Print 32

Triton Shell

Breadfruit, Print 27