Sport Moves

Drawings, Paintings and Prints

Tennis Game

Giclée print on canvas hand-painted with acrylics.
Each print is different.

12" x 47" (30 x 120cm)

Inspired by the Tennis finals at the Pacific Mini Games
held in Rarotonga in September 2009.

Sketches of Fultbol, soccer in Buenos Aires

The sketches below were done during the game. While in Argentina, Judith also sketched Tango dancers.

She's playing Aero

Aero Sports

Acrylic, 20" x 28" (50 x 70cm)



Downdog Twist

Acrylic, 20" x 28" (50 x 70cm)


Judith's thoughts and inspiration while working on the yoga painting

This is what I wrote into my work-book while painting Downdog Twist. It’s the record of the painting process, of the thoughts that inspired, and were inspired by the process, step by step.

I don’t plan my paintings and I had no idea where I was going. I usually start with a sketch from a moving figure that motivates me to check it out.

I start with big brush strokes with a light color for the gesture. From there I let the process roll and take direction based on my feelings and inspiration. I often write while I paint, it helps me to go slow and explore.

Of course current themes sneak in and weave together with ideas and interests that have been part of my life for a longer time. In this case, the 25th anniversary of the Hobble Telescope and the planned construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawaii inspired the direction of the painting and thinking process."

But most of all, I am motivated to start painting and drawing by looking at a body in motion, it’s a physical sensation or emotion, a kinesthetic event.

The challenge is, to give substance to the initial sketch, finding colors and line to further define the body in motion that brings on those associations recorded in my studio work-book.

How does the yoga pose feel?
How do the brush strokes feel?
How do the colors feel?
How does the whole thing feel and what does it mean?

I want it powerfully alive, and a little funny.
I want to express gravity, physical (body) energy.
I want a bit of playfulness.

Self-contained, yet universal, being part of...
inviting the viewer to be part of…

Orange: capturing energy, borrowing it (the energy) for a while, hugging and compressing it, just for a while.
Not owning it, we can’t, because we’re part of it.
Particles, our substance and substrate, of us and much more, we’re part of it, of this soup.

Moving particles, made solid by... (yes, the Higgs Bozon in the Higgs Field) …lets just say by energy that we humans, nature, are made of, are part of, but we’re also interacting with it, influencing it, manipulating it - for a little while.

I want to show our lack of isolation.

The head is tentatively connected with the ground, and the space around our head is white, fresh, open and transparent like white light, containing all colors.