Puzzle Pieces

Ink Paintings and Compositions of Live Drawings.

Contemporary Dance: Puzzle Pieces 1

Puzzle Pieces 1

Contemporary Dance: Puzzle Pieces 4

Puzzle Pieces 4

Contemporary Dance: Puzzle Pieces 5

Puzzle Pieces 5

Contemporary Dance: Puzzle Pieces 6

Puzzle Pieces 6

Contemporary Dance: Puzzle Pieces 10

Puzzle Pieces 10

Contemporary Dance: Puzzle Pieces 8

Puzzle Pieces 8

Contemporary Dance Puzzle Pieces 7

Puzzle Pieces 7

Contemporary Dance: Puzzle Pieces 9

Puzzle Pieces 9

Contemporary Dance: Puzzle Pieces 11

Puzzle Pieces 11

Size of original ink paintings on paper
24" x 17" (61 x 43cm)

Composition of live drawings 3 (top) and 4 (below) Alonzo King LINES Ballet.

Puzzle pieces

Inspired by sketches of dancers, the theme Puzzle Pieces refers to different aspects of relationships:

The bodies of two people can knot or intertwine like three dimensional puzzle pieces. They can unite to design different forms, or make spaces between each other.

They can create harmony by complementing and coordinating each other's bodies and moves, or clash and high-light tension.

As Puzzle Pieces, two people work things out together, confronting and accommodating, gaining new perspectives by expanding their range of moves and view points.

They hinge and rely on each other, interact with tension and trust, and whatever they do - it is always a little precarious.

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Judith's Atelier

Insight into her working method and process.


These paintings are inspired by

Paul Taylor Dancers, New York

Lucky Plush Productions, Chicago

The Jump Rhythm Jazz Project, Chicago

and Alonzo King with the Oakland Ballet.





Dance studios where Judith has sketched:


San Francisco:

Alonzo King Lines Contemporary Ballet

ODC San Francisco

San Francisco Ballet

Oakland Ballet


New York:

Paul Taylor Dance Company

Risa Jaroslow and Dancers




Lucky Plush Productions

Jump Rhythm Jazz Project


Bern, Switzerland:

Nina Stadler's Dance

Emotions Hip-Hop Group

Salsa Dancers


Auckland, New Zealand:

Black Grace